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Tuesday w/Moi

Tuesday, July 31
Olympics Edition

I spent my first wakeful hours yesterday morning in bed with my laptop, catching up on some work and drinking copious amounts of coffee.  Delightful!

My mint plant is scary big and has just started sporting these delicate periwinkle blossoms.  Guess my green thumb deserves a gold medal!  Unless of course this is a bad thing... I suppose I ought to look into this further...

Our leather couch is covered in ring marks from people putting beverages on the arms.  At first these rings annoyed me, but I've recently given into them and, in the spirit of the Olympics, I'm pretty gung-ho about them.  It's like an explosion of Olympic rings right on my couch! Coooooool.

For all of you who are not in the UK and are watching the Olympics wondering why Beach Volleyball players are donning wet suits and why audience members are wearing parkas, it's because it is winter in the UK.  I sat huddled in a giant wool sweater all day yesterday and I was inside.  For real, you guys, it is cold.

I painted my toenails navy blue.  GO AMERICA, GO!

As I said yesterday, I am totally into badminton this year.

I also really enjoy Men's Volleyball.  Those guys defy gravity, it's ahhhmazing!

Diving is also one of my favorites.  Especially synchronized diving!

I was totally invested in the Tsonga vs. Raonic match yesterday afternoon.  I took this photo when the score was 18 - 17 in the third set.  I'd never really seen Raonic play before but I fell a little bit in love with the 21 year-old Canadian as he stayed poised and consistent against the #6 in the world.  In the end, he lost the match 25 - 23, but he put in a tremendous effort and I'm really looking forward to watching his career unfold.

All of a sudden I was like, Oh my goodness, it's so late and all I've done today is watch the Olympics!
But there was so much to watch, so many athletes to fall in love with, and so many wonderful stories to weep at, so I just kept watching... 

This is how I feel every time an athlete I like loses.

SO ANXIOUS watching the Men's 4x200m Freestyle Relay last night.
SO HAPPY when Team USA swam like dolphins and won the gold!

Contrary to what this post may lead you to believe, I did in fact leave the flat yesterday.  Early in the evening, I briefly left to purchase a bottle of vino for David and I to enjoy as we sat on our bums eating ginger biscuits and watching the Olympics.

We closed-out the night with the Beach Volleyball.  Here we are watching the men's match, which the cute Italians sadly lost to the domineering Austrians with bad tattoos.  After, we watched the American ladies beat the Dutch.  I definitely believe there's a correlation between the amount of clothes a player wears and their winning a Beach Volleyball match, for both teams that played in wet suits (basically) got their asses kicked last night.

And that was my Tuesday!  I'm working on a more comprehensive collection of Olympics illustrations that I will share in the next couple days.  Until then, please know that I will be sitting on my couch and cheering on all the Americans and underdogs competing in these wintery Summer Games.

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