Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, August 7
Boring Edition

So this is really embarrassing, but it took us two- almost three- weeks to hang these pictures.  The one in the middle was painted by my dear friend Angie our freshmen year in college. 
She's super artistic and amazing.

Weekly shot of Le Chat.  She has the best life ever.

"Paint it black" is kind of my new mantra.  Over the weekend, I painted the bathroom black.  It feels cleaner, now.

Still in the bathroom.  I was doing a hair mask and thinking.  It was deep.

David's son moved out last week and I've taken over his bedroom as a studio.  This gives you a taste of the current state of the room.  Super depressing, no?  I cannot wait to re-paint and turn it into a welcoming, inspirational space.

Being good, drinking water.

The Redcoat and I were suuuuper tired yesterday because I made him watch The Sound of Music with me until 2:00 AM the night before.  I love the Von Trapps and sang along to every song.  Needless to say, our late night with Maria, the Children, and Christopher Plummer made us a little sleepy yesterday and David had to take a nap.

This is what our pictures look like from a different angle.  Love!

Ooops!  I took a nap, too.   My hair is super conditioned, but I'm still sleepy in this picture.  Also, please note my sweater.  IT IS STILL FRIGID HERE, PEOPLE. 

Picking up Indian food.

I always have a notebook and pen with me, just in case...

I'm skipping around here because my life is too interesting and I don't want to make you jealous.
Actually, I spent all night working and watching the Olympics (surprise surprise!).  I was really into the wolf-man Russian high jumper who won gold.  He was so aggressive and, like, had high jumping autism or something.  Whatever, I totally have a crush on him.  He's crazy and I love it.
Also, three high jumpers won bronze.  How is that even possible?  I mean, I understand the scoring and know how it's possible, but why not make the three bronze medalists have a jump-off or something?  It was just too much.  Does the Olympic federation have extra medals hanging around just in case?  Considering they're giving them away so liberally, can I have one, too?
I don't want a bronze one, but I'll have an extra gold.
Hell, I'll even settle for silver... Please?

After the Olympics were over, I just hung out on the couch and drank more water.
Then I went to bed.

Okay, you guys.  You're all like, Kate, do not be ridiculous.  Please stop taking stupid pictures of your apartment, your cat, and your super sad life because you're making me depressed! And I totally hear you.  I promise that next Tuesday I will do something awesome.  Or, awesomer.  PROMISE. 
Okay?  Okay.  Great.

As always, thanks for hanging in there for another week.  xox


  1. Don't worry, dude. Sometimes being sequestered at home isn't the worst thing ever.

  2. Haha, thanks! I'm not too unhappy with it, but it sadly makes for super lame-o pictures. :(