Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sunshine and Sunnies

Things here are sunny, both figuratively and literally, and they're getting sunnier all the time. 

I can't stop jamming out to these mixes by Chris Baio today.   I stumbled upon them on The Fox Is Black and they're perfect getting-it-done music.  They also remind me of being in the lounge at the Clift in San Francisco (or any of the Morgan's Hotel Group hotels, for that matter) and because I like feeling like I'm on vacation, I find this ambiance reinforcement to be mighty fine indeed.


Just a note: I will not be doing a Tuesday with Moi  today/tomorrow because I am working from home all day today and cannot bear the idea of subjecting you to another reel of photos of my apartment/cat/Bernadette.  However, once I figure out the rest of my week, I will schedule one for Thursday or Friday. 

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