Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My New Favorite Cocktail: Water

Remember yesterday when I said I was going to make some changes in my life so I can be more of a superhuman?  Well, one of those changes is to do something I loathe, which is drinking water.  In my opinion, water is so boring and because I'm always freezing, I generally like to drink things that warm me, like coffee, mint tea, or alcohol.  Unfortunately, drinking only coffee, mint tea and alcohol is not super awesome for my body so I'm taking the plunge and forcing myself to liquify more healthily.  Besides, it's really difficult to stay hydrated when you're crying all the time, and you guys, I have a lot to cry about.  I mean, the Olympics are giving me weepy inspirational stories all the time and I just can't keep it together.  It's messy, but it's great.

Anyway, water!  Bernadette has graciously been supplying me with lots of delicious leaves to spruce up the watery taste from the tap for my more mundane water consumption (I've also come to learn that Le Chat does not like mint water so she's stopped sneaking sips from my glass which is a major win).  When I'm feeling fancy, I like to drink sparkling water with some of Bernadette's offspring and some fresh lemon wedges for a citrusy kick.  This is super yummy and tastes even better if you drink it out of a wine glass because it tricks you into thinking your water is a cocktail which is funfunfun!  When I'm cold- which is always in this sunshine barren country- I can drink hot water with the same ingredients and feel warm. 

So step one has begun!  Please be brave with me as I approach this daunting task of super hydration.  It's going to be boring, but hopefully really great for my skin and as the Olympians are constantly reminding me, I'm not getting any younger.  :(

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