Monday, August 6, 2012

So Fresh & So Green Green

Let's be real- the closest I will ever come to having a baby is having my mint plant.  I mean, I have a cat, which I suppose is more like a baby than a plant is considering it's a living, breathing organism that pukes a lot and always needs to be fed, but the cat is more David's than it is mine so the cat is his baby.  The mint plant, however, is mine all mine, and she is GINORMOUS these days!  (I'm an excellent mother, what can I say?)

Over the weekend, I decided my plant- who from this point forward will be referred to as Bernadette- needed a new home to stretch and grow her roots, so I turned an old paint can into a planter and adorned it with ribbon (many thanks to Brent for the pretty chevron ribbon!).  I can already tell that she loves her new home and both of us are super happy.

Other than painting my bathroom, replanting Bernadette, crying, and cleaning, all I did this weekend was watch the Olympics.  While the Olympics are obviously super inspiring, they also make me feel fat, old, and really under-motivated.  Like, there are people with blades for limbs who are running 400m sprints in way less than a minute while I have two perfectly normal legs and complain when I have to walk up stairs while carrying groceries.  Not hot.  So, last night as I stuffed myself with chips and salsa whilst watching the Athletics, I decided that I'm going to start making a couple changes in my life.  Changes that will help my posture, healthily allow me to release some stress, and become a little more of a superhuman.  I mean, nobody's going to give me a gold medal for anything I do, but if I do it right, maybe I'll be able to buy myself some diamonds or a car, or something.  Though I definitely don't want a car in this country unless I have a full-time driver, too.  Driving on the left hand side of the road scares the shit out of me.... for realz.

Anyway, I hope you find it within you to become a better superhuman, too.  Together, let's rule the world!  xoxoxo


  1. Love it! You should post it on pinterest, such a great idea. I also think a yoga class is in order for you, get you out of the house and meet some new hobbits. Love you, Mom
    PS - I got a new phone, I made a big leap, from flipphone to the new Samsung Galaxy.

    1. You are so sweet! Pinterest gives me a headache, but you can post it if you want! I LOVE YOU!