Thursday, May 17, 2012

Inane Drivel & Pretty Pictures of Wisteria

I've lived in the UK for an entire week without managing to get hit by a car, offend someone, or start crying in public. So far, pretty damn good! Here are some notes on week number one.

-Writing from the iPad today because David and I foolishly packed only one adapter in our luggage coming over here and it's being used to power our iMac, which he is currently using. My laptop is dead and I'm too lazy to walk to Boots for another adapter so... This is a stupid story and a hugely idiotic way of saying that the formatting might be weird in this post. Also an absurdly long-winded way of advising you to always pack multiple adapters!

- Someone left me a voicemail the other day and even after 15 listenings, I still can't figure out what the hell they're saying. Seeing as only 5 people in this entire country have my number, I very much doubt the call was intended for me, but regardless it makes me feel very insecure about my British telecommunication skills. 'Ello..?

- I'm lonely. I miss my books, I miss my friends, and I miss knowing things- like where to go shopping or what bar has Bollinger by the glass, etc. I had to ask someone which coin was 10 pence the other day and because I was soaked with rain I couldn't even pull the Cute American shtick. Embarrassing!

- Eggs here taste better than eggs in the States. Eggland, indeed! Most of the other grocery food taste better, too. Especially ginger biscuits!!

- I've had two urban fox sitings in the past week! This is very exciting because foxes are my spirit animal. My honorary spirit animal is Tilda Swinton who, now that I think about it, is quite fox-like herself.

- The train makes me very sleepy and I know for a fact that I will pass out one day coming back from London and will get robbed or something [touch wood!]. I need to find something to help me stay awake for the hour long journey... Tequila shots, perhaps? Weird Al polka music at high volumes? Recommendations are welcome...

- David has a whole bunch of vintage African art this his mother bought when they lived in Africa. I must remember to take a picture and share it with you.

I guess that's everything worth noting. Yes, I realize most of my notes (i.e. all of them) were not at all interesting, except maybe the Swinton-Fox parallel... and I must look into that further!

Until tomorrow, xox!

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