Friday, May 18, 2012


Now you can be with me while I eat sandwiches, cry at bars, snuggle with Le Chat and go on all kinds of glamorous adventures!  Just follow along on Instagram and it'll be like we're together all the time!

I stole the Redcoat away from Cox Quarters last night and we had a very necessary chat about our current state of life and I broke my rule about crying in public.  BUT I COULDN'T HELP IT!  I mean, I have a lot of emotions right now.  Besides, it was bound to happen at some point, so I'm glad it happened in a dimly lit corner of the Hotel Du Vin bar.  Speaking of bars and drinking establishments- what is with the no music thing in this country?  Doesn't Drinking Hall 101 clearly state that music is integral to creating a comfortable ambiance?  It doesn't have to be trendy or anything, but some light background music is important.  Just turn on some Vivaldi or something, pretty please?  I mean, it's difficult to tell secrets and have a quiet cry with all this silence. 

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