Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Le Chat Goes to the UK

For all of you who are wondering, yes, we're moving the cat with us.  Of course we're moving the cat!  Le Chat, as many of you know, hasn't always been my favorite friend, but I've really grown to love her over the last few years and the thought of leaving her behind in America makes my eyes swell and my mouth get droopy.  She is such a sweet kitten and she's really pretty, too- especially now that she has a brand new haircut* to show off her sleek physique (she's the Kate Moss of cats- so skinny!) and keep the shedding to a minimum!

I'm going to be honest, getting your cat to the UK isn't the easiest (or cheapest- oy!) process in the world, but it's not as difficult as it once was.  The biggest bummer about the whole thing is that animals are not allowed to fly in the cabin on flights to the UK.  Ergo, Le Chat will be stuck in the belly of the plane while David and I pick our nails and feel like terrible cat parents as we strain our ears for sad kitten sounds over the noise of the jet engines.  I mean, Le Chat freaks out when she has to take a trip in the car so I can't imagine how inconsolable she'll be flying alone in a dark and cold plane**.  Ohmygosh, I'm going to start crying right now just thinking about it...  I am such a horrible cat owner!  BUT, at least she doesn't have to be quarantined, which the government no longer does so long as US kittens have proper shots, a passport thingy, and a microchip in them. It's all very official.

We are very excited to get Le Chat established in her new home so she can become a refined UK Cat and speak with a British accent, etc.  I really hope she keeps her cool on the plane and doesn't hate us for moving her so far away so we can be a happy family on the other side of the pond.  Yay!

*If you live in Boston and need an amazing cat/dog groomer, you have to call Eddy (617.866.1690).  No only is he meticulous with his fur buzzing, he also comes to you.  How awesome is that?  He has a little cat grooming truck which looks like an ice cream truck if ice cream trucks didn't play music and had what looked like a small vet office, not kitchen, in the back.  We're really going to miss Eddy!  He is so so wonderful!

**I don't really know if it is going to be dark and cold. I sure hope it's not, especially considering how crazy expensive her plane ticket was!

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