Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Put a Crown on It

I went to Windsor Castle yesterday with a friend who's visiting from the States.  Generally I'd be like, yeaaahhh, I don't really do all that tourist stuff, but I was beginning to go stir crazy here in Cox Quarters and it turns out a trip to see the Queen was just what the doctor ordered. 

The inside of the Castle is gorgeous in that Royal English sort of way and even though visitors aren't allowed to take pictures of the inside, I'm sure you can imagine the ornate splendor of the decor- lots of bedazzled sabers, stodgy old paintings, gold leaf... you know.  Luckily for this post's sake, the outside of the castle is just as beautiful as the inside and, when we weren't dodging rain showers, Lori and I had a great time gallivanting around the grounds, taking pictures, and asking each other questions like, "If Kate Middleton really loves her Pottery Barn dresser from college, do you think they'll let her move it into the Castle?" and "Do you think there's a secret modern wing full of Banksy originals and BoConcept furniture?"  I mean, are all the Royals still super gung-ho about the Victorian aesthetic?  Prince Harry needs a proper bachelor pad, after all...

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