Monday, May 14, 2012

For My Mother

Dearest Mother,

Yesterday wasn't Mother's Day in the UK, but I still spent most of my day thinking of you.  I wish so much that we could have spent the day together because I think you'd love my new home and I know for certain that I would love having you here.

We started our afternoon with a Sunday roast at The Black Pig, which was simple, fresh and oh so lovely.  We finished our meal with whiskey and espresso in the garden behind the pub.  The wind was cool but the sun warmed us and we were comfortable with our jackets on.  After we finished lunch, David and I went for a long walk through the village, stopping briefly to watch a cricket match in the park.  David explained the game to me but I wasn't paying close attention and I still don't understand how it works.  There were flowers blooming everywhere on our walk and I know you would have told me the names if you were with me.  The air was clean and fragrant from the blossoms and I missed you very much.

I love you, Mom.  Happy Belated Mother's Day!


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  1. Thank you so much for thinking of me as you spent your day, that means a lot to me. I love you and miss you and know that we will have a delightful time together whenever I get over to your new home. I will cherish walking with you wherever we wander. Love you. xoxoxo