Thursday, June 7, 2012

Walks & Wine

I've been spending far too much time cooped up inside Cox Quarters, watching Sherlock and moping.  My legs are itching for a walk, but the weather's been unforgiving and I've sat folded on my couch for the vast majority of this week, gazing into my computer screen and taking accidental naps with Le Chat.  Glamorous, no?

As the rain pours down on this chilly Thursday afternoon, I will think back to better times- days when the sun was shining, the streets of London were filled with sights and sounds and smells, and David and I could happily stroll for hours before settling in at a small cafe for a carafe of wine and some people-watching. 

Time now to tackle some work, pour a cup of tea, and then curl up with a book. 

Are you reading anything good right now, dear reader?  I'm cycling through some literature I first read in high school and am currently rereading To The Wedding by John Berger.  Reading the notes I took in the margins makes me giggle and roll my eyes.  I was so silly at 16! 

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