Thursday, June 28, 2012

Aperol Cocktails

There is nothing I love more on hot summer day than an Aperol Spritz.  I fell hard for them on a trip to Italy last summer where it became our staple pool-side cocktail at our villa nestled in the Tuscan countryside.  Many months later, I had the most gorgeous Aperol Spritz I've ever seen at Sam's in Boston.  The color reminded me of a phoenix rising and I've been trying ever since to have bartenders replicate it, to no avail. 

Just as I often choose my outfits based on the shoes I'd like to wear, I also sometimes decide my drinks based on the vessel I'd like to sip from.  Tuesday was a warm day, by English standards, and I was itching to use my vintage champagne glasses that my parents gave us for our wedding in March.  I didn't want champagne, so I decided to play off an Aperol Spritz and make an Aperol Cocktail.  It's cool and refreshing and perfect for a warm afternoon that isn't so stifling that you crave ice.  Here's how to make one:
  1. You will need: Aperol, Prosecco or a dry sparkling wine (I used cava because I like it better), and soda water. 
  2. In a pitcher or cocktail shaker (we left ours in Boston, accidentally... tragedy!) combine equal parts Aperol and soda water and stir with ice until it is very cold.
  3. Strain into a glass- the prettier the better!- and top with prosecco/sparkling wine/cava.  As you add the cava, the drink will change from the color of dying embers to that of a blushing sunset.  Garnish with a lemon slice and enjoy! 
It's super easy and, as is the way with me and summer cocktail-crafting, there are no definitive measurements.   Just add as much of this and that as you like until you decide it tastes right.  I'd say my concoction was 3 parts cava to one part Aperol/soda water.  The end result was light, bubbly, and super beautiful to both look at and consume.  YUM! 

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