Monday, June 11, 2012

DIY: Glittery Nail Armor

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know that I'm OBSESSED with my gold glitter nails.  This isn't the first time I've used loose glitter to create a look that I like to describe as rough luxury at its finest and back in December, I used loose red glitter for the same effect, but that glitter was finer and the result was more soft and pretty.  This time 'round, my nails look like shining armor.  Very urban warrior, very very sexy. And the best thing is the glitter gives your nails so much texture that a couple accidental chips or dents won't ruin the finish.  PERFECT! 

The process does take a couple hours, so I recommend starting a new television series on Netflex and touching up your nails between episodes.  David introduced me to Spooks on Saturday which gave me the perfect opportunity to give my nails a super-glam makeover.  

Step One: Paint your nail with a thin layer of a neutral polish.  Let dry for a few seconds.  (If you are using a colored glitter, like red, I recommend using a base polish to match the glitter.)

Step Two: While the polish is still wet, but not drippy, firmly press it into the glitter.  I picked up this pot of glitter at Supernice on Columbia Road near Bethnal Green and I love the way it looks like shards of broken gold.  To get the glitter evenly on the nail, I simply took the lid off the pot and pressed my nail firmly into the glitter.  To dislodge any loose bits, I tapped my finger on the side of the pot. As the glitter dries to the nail, lightly brush off the excess with a clean (dry!) fingertip and softly press the remaining glitter into the polish so it's not too lumpy and it's spread evenly over the entire nail.

I recommend completing this step with a piece of tissue or paper lying beneath your hand so loose glitter doesn't get everywhere

Step Three, Four, Five & Six: Once the glitter has dried to your nail, it will be a little jagged and sharp.  To keep it from catching on your favorite silk blouse or getting caught in your hair (I joke, but not really) you'll need to apply multiple layers of clear polish.  Like I said, this is nail armor and after you've applied enough layers of clear polish, you will have a heavy, sexy, glistening layer of glitter over your nail.  Unless you use a really fine glitter, your nail will never be perfectly smooth, but that's part of the charm and the lack of perfection is exactly what appeals to me.

Sometimes, when parts of the glitter are heavy and jagged, I will apply a layer of clear polish and, as it dries, press the glitter onto the nail with my finger to make it smooth and less apt to catch on my delicates.  Make sure that glitter knows who's boss!  I also recommend adding coats of clear polish throughout the life-span of the manicure to ensure the glitter stays together and stuck to the nail.

Et Voila!  Enjoy having the most badass nails on the block.

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