Wednesday, June 6, 2012

@Pret A Diner- Italians Do It Better

As I arrived at Pret A Diner- Italians Do It Better I took note of the candle-lit entry and the enormous neon cross, cocked an eyebrow and said to David, "This is either going to be terrible, or really really fun."  When we were invited to the dinner, I accepted on the fact that 69 Colebrook Row was responsible for the cocktails so I walked into 50 St. James's Street on Sunday night unsure as to what, exactly, we were in for.  Was it a restaurant, a gallery, a theater?  Even now, three days later, I'm having trouble describing the experience- for that is truly what it is, an experience- though I can say with much certainty that my initial feeling was right and the evening was really really fun.

So what is it?  Well, Pret A Diner is an avant-garde dining experience designed with careful attention paid to aesthetics and details that pleasure the senses.  It is a creative compilation between taste-makers in various industries who share their talents to create something special for a limited space of time.  It encourages diners to do just what the Olivia Steele piece in the bar suggests and go get lost.  Get lost in the music, the food, the art; let the senses take over and enjoy the moment, the company, and the surroundings.  Pret A Diner is fantasy dining.  It doesn't ask the diner to take anything- not the food, the drink, or the setting- too seriously, but does encourage them to truly enjoy it.  What struck me most is that despite the theatrics, the bold decor and pretty plating, the entire experience felt so authentic and everyone seemed to be having a really fantastic time.  

Pret A Diner is only open until June 30th, so do yourself a favor and book a table while you can.  If you can't, at least stop in the bar for a drink.  I promise, it won't disappoint.

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