Thursday, March 15, 2012


This is a totally random mini post, but I have to share.

Do you ever want to gnaw on something until your gums bleed?  Like, do you get the strange desire to chew a piece of glass or a bit of rough sheet metal until your gums turn to ribbons and your mouth is full of blood?  I get this feeling when I'm anxious or stressed, and I ache for it in the back of my mouth where my wisdom teeth would be if they hadn't been removed.  And maybe that's just it- maybe these are phantom aches from teeth long gone and I'm displacing my tense energy to this space because it is hallow but once experienced much pain. 

Working on my visa for the UK makes me want to chew shards of glass and gulp my own blood.  Who writes these visa applications and what kind of people do they think will read and understand them?  The minute I try to comprehend anything on their website, my eyes cross and the roman alphabet becomes as foreign to me as Egyptian hieroglyphs.  AND I HAVE AN ENGLISH DEGREE.

This is absurd.  I need to find something to chew on.  A handful of rocks sounds pretty good. 


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