Monday, March 12, 2012

@ Sacco's Bowl Haven

If you ever get married, do yourself a favor and get out of town for a while immediately after the wedding.  If, for whatever reason, you can't get out of town, or if you've decided to delay your honeymoon, at least drop off the grid for a solid work week and give yourself some time for at-home face masks, long phone conversations with your best friends, and an afternoon to go through all the pictures from the wedding.  Really, take time to re-hash the event with your spouse, just like you used to do over plates stacked high with hangover food the morning after a great party.  Chances are you're only going to get married a couple times in your life, so give yourself plenty of time to savor the after-shock of the wedding.  It'll do you good. 

If you do not take my advice and decide to return to work/real life immediately after tying the knot (as I foolishly did), be prepared to:
  • Tell everyone at work how much fun you had at the wedding you didn't invite them to
  • Miss about 400 million calls from friends and family who want to know how you're doing now that you're married
  • Feel completely exhausted, constantly
  • Have a moment of panic a week later when you realize, Ohmygosh, I'm married!  This may or may not occur at a bar after realizing you just spent the last 35 minutes flirting with some guy who is giving you the look which will immediately make you choke on your drink and think of casual ways to mention your husband in conversation.  Oy! 
So please, heed my advise.  It'll do you wonders for your sanity, I promise.

In other news, I wanted to share a magical outing I took with my entire immediate family (plus some great friends who are basically family) the day after David and I got married.  Now, I completely understand the average person's aversion to bowling.  I too loath the idea of sticking my fingers into holes that other grubby fingers have been in,  having to wear bowling shoes, the silly graphics on the score-screen, and the fact that half the people in every bowling party take the game far too seriously.  In fact, I really don't like bowling, but am thrilled to learn that I love Sacco's Bowl Haven in Davis Square.  This is why it's awesome:
  • They have a bar with a great beer selection, a decent wine list, and a drinkable whiskey (Knob Creek). 
  • Sacco's has Candlepin Bowling, so you bowl with cute little hole-less balls and don't have to stick your fingers in mysteriously moist holes full of germs and bits of broken off finger nails.  
  • NO SCORE SCREENS!  Instead, you keep score the old fashioned way, on paper score cards!  This is excellent for a number of reasons, the main reason being that you can make up your own rules and keep score in whatever way makes most sense to you and your company.  It's like cheating, but with everyone on board!   
  • They have awesome flatbread by the Flatbread Company, who, from what I understand, now completely operates (and owns?) the bowling alley.  The flatbread is delicious and you can choose from a number of great toppings such as fig & goat cheese, free-range chicken, and pulled pork.  Yum!
  • It's super retro but still really young and hip at the same time.  I didn't see a single old person or bowling-bag the entire time I was there, instead, the lanes were full of young people who looked like they know a lot about bikes and really like PBR. 
We all had a great time eating, laughing, and bowling and I'm really looking forward to getting a group of friends together to do it again, which is crazy because I really do hate bowling shoes.

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