Friday, March 9, 2012

Estrogen Central

Exactly one week ago, my mother and I hosted a small gathering of ladies for my unofficially official bachelorette party.  Because I am allergic to anything even slightly masquerading under the guise of a traditional wedding affair, I staunchly refused to call it a bachelorette party and instead referred to it as 'The Wine & Cheese Party' or just 'Party' for short.  Much to my chagrin, everyone I know called me out on my silly semantics and still referred to it as a bachelorette.  Thankfully, none of these people brought strippers, penis-bedazzled accoutrements, or clip-on tiaras and I was able to eat Belgian sheep cheese and foie gras just as I would at a normal party, which made me happy.

Many many thanks to everyone who slopped through the sleet to drink wine with me at The Wine & Cheese Party- especially my best friend Sarah who flew in from Minnesota and surprised me with an unexpected visit!  And a big THANK YOU to my Mom, Trudi, and Christa for being so organized and sweet, always.  And to everyone who was really gung-ho about it- thank you for letting me disappoint you a million percent by:
a) refusing to rent a douchey Hummer limo
b) deciding not to bar hop (you wouldn't have wanted to in that weather, anyway), and
c) not playing bachelorette games (I've heard horror stories about games involving bits of rope, cold hot dogs, and mini goal-posts.... Ummmmm?).

I think another Wine & Cheese Party is in order and the sooner the better!  The best part about a Wine & Cheese Party is that you don't need to get married to have one.  Ladies, let's make plans!

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