Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Inspired By: Brian W. Ferry

For a long time, I've been following Brian W. Ferry's work over at the blue hour. He has a gift for seeing the beauty in everyday life: the way a cup of coffee sits on the corner of a table, the way a vine crawls up the side of a cottage in the English countryside, the simplicity of raindrops clinging to a windowpane. His work is always hugely inspirational to me, and I've very much enjoyed watching his photography career flourish, especially over the last year or so.

Brian has two collections of work, both of which I own and highly recommend (if you can get your hands on them), Quality Of Life and Wellfleet:

For the past two years, Brian, an American, lived in London (he's now back in Brooklyn). This may sound silly, but his photos from London play a large role in why I'm so comfortable with moving to the UK. He makes everything look so familiar and comfortable, and I'm really excited to visit some of his former haunts- especially St. John's, which looks exactly like the kind of place where I'll be sure to meet some interesting new friends.

In many ways, the spirit of the blue hour is quite similar to the spirit I am hoping to encapsulate on this site. Rather than focusing my attention on things I want and daydreaming about things I don't have, I instead want to celebrate the beauty that unfolds in my every day life and the unique people and places I encounter on the journey out my front door. Brian does a beautiful job of this, and I hope you find his work as inspiring as I do.

1. Brian Ferry's two collections of photography 2. Flipping pages in Quality of Life 3. One of my favorite facing pages in Quality of Life

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  1. Wow - I'm flattered. and I truly appreciate your thoughtful words about my photography. You've made my day - thank you.

    (Have an Eccles cake for me at St. John!)