Saturday, January 14, 2012

Farewell: Gaslight

On Tuesday night, David and I met some friends at one of our old local haunts, Gaslight. Since moving out of Southie, we haven't spent as much time at Gaslight as we used to, but we still make it over quite regularly because parking is easy and we are fond of their food, drinks, and penchant for subway tile.

Whilst sipping wine and nibbling cheese at a hightop in the bar, I decided to put together a farewell series of the places I love best in Boston that I will then feature here. David and I are planning to move to the UK in April and I want to commemorate my favorite Boston spots before leaving. Seeing as we had our second date at Gaslight (we went for brunch- the poached egg Vigneronne is exquisite) and we've had a lot of good memories there over the years, it seems fitting to start my series with Gaslight.

My Favorite Things, Gaslight Edition:
-They serve warm bread with proper butter before a meal
-Frites come with garlic mayonnaise
-Brunch starts at 10:00 AM (anything later is lunch, am I right?!)
-The bartenders usually know what's up
-Subway tile, lots and lots of subway tile.

Fare thee well, Gaslight. I'm sure to visit again before my move, but I don't plan ahead and therefore cannot make any promises. Please know you are loved.

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