Monday, November 5, 2012

Cotswolds Escape: Old Campden House

Whilst my parents were visiting, we spent a weekend away at the Old Campden House in Chipping Campden.  For those of you who are trying to locate Chipping Capden on a map, it's in the Cotswolds.  Like Gargunnock House in Scotland, Old Campden House is part of the Landmark Trust, which is a wonderful organization that refurbishes old homes throughout the country and rents them out to nice people like us who want to drink wine in a new environment enjoy a quaint vacation in a historic home.  Not only do they rent homes in the UK, they also have some in France, Italy, and the United States.  Though we've only stayed in two so far, staying at the Landmark Trust properties are quickly becoming my favorite way to travel. 

The above photo is of the home in which we stayed as it's viewed from the back.  It is called the East Banqueting House.  Here is what it looks like from the front (say hi to my dad, everyone).   

Pretty regal, huh.

In the surrounding fields were (surprise!) lots of sheep.  They roam freely throughout the fields eating the lush grass and walking past the original Old Campden House ruins like it's no big deal.  Which to them, I suppose it isn't.  They are sheep, after all. 

When you rent the East Banqueting House, which can accommodate four with two bedrooms and one bath, you are also free to use an additional bedroom and bathroom in the gate house.   This is great if you are traveling in a group of six and two of the people are totally weird.  Simply banish the weirdos to the Gate House and voila, problem solved! 

Books and board games can be found in the large living area on the top floor of the home so when you finally tire of the breathtaking views (or the sheep), you can attempt a deceptively difficult puzzle, play cards, or read through the log book and giggle at how earnestly insane people who write in log books often seem to be. 

Across from the East Banqueting House lies the West Banqueting House.  You can rent that, too, but it doesn't look as fun.  This is mostly because it seems to be seriously lacking in windows...

All in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable place to disappear to for a few days and we had a spectacular visit, which included but was not limited to:
  • Introducing my parents to the wonderful treat that is fatty chips and mayonnaise
  • The best Sunday lunch ever at the nearby Ebrington Arms, which we brilliantly decided to walk to.  We attempted to walk back home, too, despite it being completely dark but soon found ourselves going in circles, almost being attacked by farm dogs and writhing in mud (ahem, dad). All this led us to,
  • Hitchhiking through rural country towns (a first for both me and my mother), and
  • Getting a little sloppy in the local pub.  
Glorious, absolutely glorious!  Oh England, I sure do love you. 


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