Tuesday, November 13, 2012

An Autumn Walk

Autumn is almost over.  A few leaves cling to the branches still, but before long they'll reach long and naked toward the sky and the wind will blow with a hallow whistle.  With the wind will come the cold and the winter will be dark and damp and will chill us to the bone.  Or that's what David says, anyway.

As always, I am sad to see the leaves change color and the autumn pass.  I don't know how I will like the English winter, but thoughts of sweaters and hot mint tea warm my mind and make me feel comfortable in spite of the forthcoming cold.  For now, anyway.

Along with the leaves, I saw this, too, on my walk yesterday.  I pass it often when I go into town and it always makes me happy.  The logo- I like it.  A lot.

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