Monday, April 2, 2012

Urban Survival

I'm currently playing a game of Urban Survival* and was forced to create this adorable toast torte with local honey and fresh blueberries for breakfast yesterday (I know, woe is me).  I usually eat a banana with oats and almond milk, but David bought whack-a-doodle things at the grocery store this week and I'm having to actually cook to feed myself most meals.   It's amazing how much deliciousness you can whip up in a kitchen when you push yourself to try things outside your normal food routine (for me that means turning on the stove).  So here I am, being domestic and making lots of delicious things, but none as beautiful as my toast torte. 

*Urban Survival is a game I invented in college when I got snowed-in right before I was supposed to fly home for Christmas.  If you remember back to college, you will probably recall the painstaking process of getting rid of all your perishable food before you and your roommates went away for winter vacation.  Our apartment's refrigerator was essentially bare and I spent three days living off whatever bizarre food was laying around my little Beacon Hill kitchen.   I drank a lot of gin in those three days and ate an astounding number of expired Pop Tarts and stale Halloween candy.  But I survived, and that's what's important.  

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