Tuesday, April 10, 2012

@ Posto

On nights when David and I are tired and want a simple bite to eat and a glass of wine but don't want to prepare anything ourselves, we head to Posto.  The food is delicious (and fast) and the atmosphere is relaxed without being too comfortable (you'll probably never see someone hanging out at the bar  for hours, getting wasted).  Posto is a place we love to bring friends for a quiet meal, a place to slip in-and-out of on a week night, and the place where David and I got engaged (I think the date was November 14th..?).  To us, it's much more than a fabulous pizzeria with a good wine selection, it's the bosom we want to snuggle into after a long, difficult day and the arms we want to hold us as it whispers in our ear, everything is going to be okay.  

 P.S. Their chili oil is ahhhhhmazing.  Not as ahhhhhhhhhmazing as mine, but pretty damn close.

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