Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, January 8
Simple & Simply Spectacular

 David drew this.  It's a picture of Jim.  Remember Jim?  I think it's pretty neat.

Around Christmas, I decided that, going forward, I want to be a little more like Lucy Liu and a lot less like Drunk Kate. This means more tea, less red wine, and regular(ish) exercise.  To address the latter, I've started running trotting around outside in my sneakers and spandex leggings a couple times a week.

I told David's son, Tom, that I have a goal to be able to run five miles without stopping by the end of the year and he was like, "Oh, that's easy, you'll be able to do that in no time."  Friends, it is not easy and don't try to convince me otherwise until you've me run gallop about.  After a half hour of trying to control my breathing as I ran slouched past neighbors on the sidewalk and faking a side cramp so I could walk up the hills, I arrived home and collapsed on my yoga mat with a glass of water.  A much more thorough post about my "exercise regime" will come soon (I have so many thoughts and questions on the subject), but until then, you can feel my agony emanate from this 11 o'clock photo.

The sun came out for, like, two seconds.  All of South East England rejoiced.

Whilst shopping in my closet, I found these earrings that my mother gave to me many moons ago.  Cute, non?

 I enjoyed a delicious flat white and falafel sandwich at my favorite local independent, Black Dog Cafe.  Funnily, it shares a name with my favorite Minnesota coffee shop, Black Dog in St. Paul.  Fate?  I think so.

This bad boy lives next door to the art store where I buy lino and a plethora of other artsy things that I keep in my Ariel Cave of a studio.  I love this lion.  I want to buy it and paint it neon pink and keep it in my entryway one day when I have an entryway.  If I can't have a neon pink lion, I want a taxidermy zebra.  One or the other; I will not settle for neither.

 Back at home, I rummaged for a snack but only found an apple.  It was a very pretty apple, I think.

I keep my lino on the heater so it will be soft and easier to cut. 
This is what it looks like from the back.

Exercise makes me ferociously hungry.  David made this for dinner.  It was delicious!

After dinner, we turned on Jamie Cullum's radio show and worked on our own personal projects as it played in the background.  This is something I doodled in my sketchbook as an idea for something bigger.
More on this another time, perhaps.

David is the real capital a Artist in the household.  This is the beginning of a portrait sketch he's working on.  I love that he's exploring his creativity again, after years (decades!) of inactivity.  I think it's brave and inspiring.

After many glasses of water, I finally decided I was hydrated enough to enjoy a glass of Jameson.  I also decided to cap the camera for the night and spare you the pictures of my laptop keys ond totally adorable socks.  I will have you know, however, that the rest of the evening involved internet rabbit holes, the first episode of Mr. Selfridge, hot cocoa, and kitten cuddles.  It was cute.  
Cute like you.
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  1. OBSESSED WITH THE LION. Especially in Neon pink.

    Also: This:

    horrible website, excellent taxidermy. Find your zebra.


    1. Ohmygosh. It kind of makes me uncomfortable (i.e. "Feathered Friends' featuring the fake chick in a nest & 'Roadkill' featuring a DECOMPOSING cat) but still, an excellent resource!

      Also, did you know that Dita Von Teese has a stuffed Ostrich in one of her rooms? Ugh, love her!