Friday, January 11, 2013

A Treasure Hunt

It has come to my attention that I never shared pictures of my marriage ring or, rather, rings, with you.  Here they are, all banged up and well worn, almost one year later.  The bands are silver and the stones are tiny, rough cut black diamonds.  I chose to have two rings because I like the way they move together on my finger, the way it feels symbolic of how two people move together in a relationship- sometimes off-kilter, sometimes aligned.  I cherish my ring, love the way the light dances off the uneven surface of the diamonds, and admire the way the silver shows its wear.  It's a nice ring and I think it suits me perfectly.

Like many women, I was adamant that my ring fulfill some conditions, specifically:

  1. The main stone could not be a white diamond. They just don't do it for me, you guys. 
  2. It had to cost less than $500.  Marriage may be forever, but my style is not.  Perhaps one day I'll grow tired of this ring and will find something more suited to my evolved taste.  Perhaps I'll have a collection of fabulous marriage rings that I interchange and match to my outfits? Maybe I'll become a millionaire and wear a jeweled glove, instead.  Who knows!
  3. It had to be made by a local designer.  Because I'm passionate about supporting local artisans and wanted something handmade and beautiful. Boston jewelry designer Michele Mercaldo suited my needs perfectly. 

Now that almost a year has passed since our nuptial soirée, I'd like to find an awesome local designer to make me a pair of earrings to match.  Something small and simple, something rough and elegant.   Let the treasure hunt begin!

I feel like everyone I know is getting engaged, or is soon to be engaged, so tell me, dear reader, what are your ring requirements?  How did you decide on your ring and have you ever fallen out of love with it?

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