Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Scotland Escape: Let's Play Dress Up!

When I first saw Gargunnock House online, I just knew that I wanted to do something ridiculously fabulous there.  A couple weeks before we arrived, I emailed our friends Skye and Scott and recommended that we all bring something formal to wear in the house.  In our formal attire, we could stage a wonderful photo shoot in the home's various rooms and gayly think back to our vacation- so full of mirth!- in our wee Scottish mansion.  

Without any real sense of regret, I am sorry to say that we waited until the very last evening to put on our formal clothes and prance around the house.  Regardless, we had a marvelously goofy time taking pictures of each other pretending to read whilst drinking Scotch, and trying our best to play the piano (which you're not supposed to do, by the way).  Here is what transpired.  Enjoy!

And because I don't know when I'm ever going to wear it again (unless David has a truly fantastic Christmas Gala to attend in the next couple years), I wore my Nicole Miller wedding gown for the occasion.  The cobalt blue silk gown is glamorous in every sense of the word and it was a great pleasure to wear it somewhere more refined than my own living room for once.

And so concludes my Scotland Escape.  Thanks for reading! 

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