Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Disruption in Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

This is not a TWM post.  Why?  Because my Macbook, which was conceived in the ever-so-ancient year of our Lord, 2006, makes super scary helicopter noises every time I attempt to load anything other than an email attachment and I fear a photo upload would send it to its grave.  It also cannot run two programs at once, bless it's heartdrive, so I'm going to post my TWM whence I return to the sunshine-barren land known as the United Kingdom on Friday.

Until then, here's a little update on where I am and what I'm doing:

I love to travel.  I'm not big on tourism and, generally, my favorite way to experience a new place is simply to walk around and observe the local culture.  I want to drink in pubs and eat with the locals, I want to walk the streets and window shop and get a sense of the local fashions.  I want to visit art galleries, walk through parks, meld into the background and observe.  Because I am enormously fortunate to work from wherever I have wifi, David and I have an agreement where, if it works with our schedules and finances, I will travel with him whenever he's away on business.  This is a great arrangement because I get to see a new part of the world, and he gets to disappear and do work things.  It's like having a private vacation all on my lonesome, with the added bonus of sometimes getting to eat at incredibly fine restaurants whilst networking.

It is through this arrangement that I currently find myself in the Costa Del Sol, living in a private villa and doing all my work in the leisurely style most recently exhibited by the Duchess of Cambridge- no photos please. 

This, my friends, is the view from my mobile office. 

Not bad.  Not bad at all. 

Now forgive me for sounding like a total prat, but this part of Spain, though lovely, doesn't pique my interest in the way that many travel destinations do.  For one, it's basically the same as being in Orlando, Florida except all the olds are English or German instead of from Nebraska.  For two,  warm destinations make me docile and sleepy and I've spent the vast majority of my time here completely dormant and/or sitting in the sun.  That being said, this is the most relaxed I've been since before my wedding [7 months ago] and I'm thrilled to be lathered in sun screen and drinking iced wine on the terrace for most of my waking hours.  Forget culture- I want relaxation! 

So, that's what I'm up to these days.  What are you up to, dear reader?  Once I  have my base tan under control, I'm looking forward to going home and tackling an ever-growing to-do list (so much home improvement, so little time!), wearing knit sweaters, enjoying autumn and preparing for my Ma and Pa to visit!  But for now, back to the sunshine. 


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