Thursday, October 4, 2012

Scotland Escape: The Grounds @ Gargunnock House

The grounds at Gargunnock House are expansive, lush, splendid.

When we first pulled into the house estate, we couldn't stop laughing.  All this is ours?! we asked, disbelieving, as we took our luggage from the car and placed it in the entryway.  We arrived late in the afternoon and, while there was still light, we set off to explore the grounds.

A gardener lives in a home behind the main house and a team of green thumbs tend to the beautiful garden on the left-hand side of the house.  The garden is open to the public at certain times throughout the spring, summer and autumn, though we rarely saw another living creature other than a grouse or pheasant running to hide in the brush.  Gargunnock is so tucked away, I doubt many tourists make it a priority to stop in for a visit to the beautiful grounds.  Sheep grazed the pastures around the home and trees with trunks the width of my kitchen and roots buried deep within the earth blew secrets to the wind.  When we ran through the grass it sprang us forth, the earth a supple trampoline of the sweetest greenery and the air was fresh and dewy. 

As we wandered behind the house, we were pleased to discover a footpath that led us into the small town and, more importantly, to the Gargunnock Inn, a delightful country restaurant with a kind staff, charming pub, and (the best part) free wifi.   Though taking the footpath home through the dark woods after a couple pints seemed slightly more challenging than the reverse journey, we made it back safely to our temporary home with rosy cheeks and and a wonderful excitement that I can liken only to being nine years-old and waking on Christmas morning knowing that something mysterious and fantastic was waiting for you beneath the tree. 

If you think the grounds are good, just wait until you see the inside, dear reader.  Fabulous, indeed! 

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