Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tuesday w/Moi

Tuesday, July 10th

This is my favorite mug ever.  I think it's important to have a favorite mug.  
It makes morning a little more bearable.

Literally running out the door.  David and I had to sign some papers at a boring government office.  It was very official and very depressing.

I cheated, it was really 11:09 when I took this picture, but I was detained in the aforementioned depressing government office at 11:00 and had to wait to bust outta there before taking this picture.

Fetal position on the couch in my Alexander Wang sweatpants writing yesterday's post.  I'm still beating myself up about that post... I don't know how to say the things I feel in the right way, but I'm afraid if I wait, I'll never find the right way to say them and they'll never actually be said.  
And I want to say them.  Need to say them.  You know?
I read this by James Franco on Huffington Post yesterday about his take on the first season of HBO's Girls as well as the London production of Gatz.  He wrote,  I think the show and Lena Dunham have done something right by writing about what they know and not worrying about it being perfect.  I think this is very true and good advice.  If we wait for things to be perfect, we will live in a constant state of ennui and idleness.  Sometimes it's brave to say things that aren't perfect as long as you're telling the truth.  Also, things will never be perfect, so why wait?

I tried to draw Le Chat but accidentally drew my spirit animal, a fox, instead.
Hi Little Fox! 
True story: Little Fox was the name of my first and only imaginary friend.  He was, as the name suggests, a little tiny fox who followed me everywhere and was my best friend.  

Lunch.  Cheese sandwich with butter and tomato.  I kinda love but kinda hate how the Brits butter everything, but mostly I think I love it.  Yumz!

Our walls are painted, OUR WALLS ARE PAINTED!  I'm obsessed with the color (Skimming Stone by Farrow & Ball) and I'm so pleased the curtains actually match something now! 

Yesterday was laundry day for our light colored clothes.

Took a walk (to buy some wine) and passed St. John's as the clock struck 5:00.  I think I'll go to a service on Sunday.  I think it's time I go back to church.

My mom mailed me that pressed flower.  Isn't she sweet? 

Creating things.... Next week is BIRTHDAY WEEK and I have so many cards to make!  
These watercolo(u)r postcards are my favorite thing right now. I need to remember to buy more when I'm by Cass tomorrow...

Okay, so this was supposed to be my mom's birthday card for next week (don't worry, Mom, you'll get something else instead) but I ruined it! with this crappy color scheme and terrible glitter application!  I also got superglue all over my left hand and had a panic attack because I couldn't get it off.  EEK! Anyway, happy early birthday, Mother!  Start celebrating RIGHT NOW!

Freshly polished shoes.  Mine can fit inside David's.  His feet are soooo big!

Let's skip 22:00 because I was on a Skype call with my BFF, Brent, and I think he'd kill me if I posted the photo I took of us talking.  SO, here I am at 11:00.  In bed, with a candle beside me, and talking to my wonderful older brother who always helps to put things in perspective for me.  Two great Skype calls in a row, what a lucky lady I am!  

So that was my Tuesday.  Thanks for reading!


  1. I love my card!!!! xoxo Thanks for thinking of me already.

  2. Warm legs in those sweatpants, but didn't those toes get cold?!