Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 4th w/Moi

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

 I slept in because it was a holiday.  Obviously I put together a patriotic outfit.
Blue denim shirt, white denim pants, red shoes.

In my head, painting the apartment is super fast and easy.  In real life, it is tedious and exhausting.  
But worth it.  Totally worth it.
Taping is my least favorite part, though.

When we painted the kitchen on Saturday, we forgot to paint the bit of wall above the cupboards.  Guess who got to stand on the counter, stooped below the ceiling and paint that part.  (ME!) And guess how grimy the top of the cupboards were.  (VERY!)  And guess how long it took just to clean the grim off. (I DON'T KNOW BUT IT WAS REALLY GROSS AND TOOK A LONG LONG TIME AND I BROKE A NAIL!) 
Good riddance! 

When I was cleaning/painting, I had this on repeat.  I haven't bought her new album yet but I need to because I love her.  My single favorite Fiona Apple fact is that she dated Jonathan Ames for, like, three years.  That must have been the most fabulous/complicated/bizarre relationship ever.  Like, I cannot even begin to imagine!

Did some art stuff.

Like this, for instance.  

My paint brushes kept my mint plant company while they dried.  Please note that I haven't killed my mint plant yet!  I am so proud of myself!

I realized I was dangerously dehydrated (staying hydrated is a constant struggle for me, all my favorite beverages dehydrate me.  It's v. sad.) so I made myself drink many glasses of lemon water so I could justify drinking alcohol later in the evening. 

Painting.  Again.  My little fingers are so tired, you guys!

I made myself some scrambled eggs with cheese and tomatoes for dinner. I cannot wait for someone to invent Willy Wonka meal pills for nights when I am too tired to feed myself delicious things.  I mean, sometimes I just want some calories to keep me alive, not an actual meal.
I'm being 100% serious, yo. 

I was finally able to change out of my ugly paint clothes and into my AMERICA outfit!
Please note the Redcoat just chillin' on the couch, being all annoyed that our living room in total disarray due to our home renovation.  But isn't my stone-colored wall gorgeous?! I'm in love with it!

The two things I collect: Blanton's tops and beverages.  No, seriously, you should see my bedside!  I have four empty glasses there at any given moment.  Usually a wine glass, a tumbler, and two or three water glasses.  It drives Coxy crazy, but I can't help it.  They just magically appear beside me, all the time!  Anyway, I added mint to my lemon water last night to make it more exotic and interesting.  I gotta trick my taste buds into hydration.
Like I said, it's a constant struggle.

I realized last night that the tree across the street looks like a person with their arms in splints [and who is also a tree...].  Also, I am crazy.  

David made me watch Spooks with him again.  All the spies keep dying/disappearing and it's really upsetting.

After that I went to bed.  I'm sure your Fourth of July was far more interesting than mine.  I mean, I certainly hope it was!


  1. We so missed you Kate! We had a great party, in spite of the 100 degree heat. Love you.

  2. 100 degrees! Lady, that is CRAY!