Thursday, July 26, 2012

Professional Impatience

Just two photos I took recently and quite like.  They feel calm and comfortable to me.


My plate is pretty full with work this week.  I'm in the middle of a campaign that's going well (yeyeyey!) and am in the middle of a massive re-branding that has my to-do list constantly growing.  All of this is good.  Good good good!  But sometimes, working over here, alone, I feel really isolated.  I miss being able to pick up the phone to bounce ideas off my clients, look them in the eye, and follow-up in person about how things are going.  I'm a major people person and I thrive off human interaction.  Sadly, Skype doesn't always cut it. 

As I become more settled in this country, I'm looking forward to growing my business and picking up some new, local, clients.  I can't wait to get my hands dirty, to have brainstorm meetings over coffee (or wine), and to physically see how my work is, well, working.  Right now things are good, but I can't wait for them to be superamazingawesome!  I guess I have a classic case of professional impatience, but I'm just so excited about so much it's difficult not to.  You know?  

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