Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Tale of Joy & Much Woe

Remember when I told you that Samantha House made me two pieces right before my eyes when I visited her home studio a couple weeks ago?  Well, the above two photos are the pieces she made me.  The first was the Lauren Key necklaces, and the second are the super-long Slinky Earrings which I'm planning to wear in tandem from my left ear all summer long for a fun asymmetrical look. 

This is when the story transitions from one of joy to one of woe... My first weekend in London, David and I stopped at London Bridge for a view of the city from the River Thames.  As I leaned over to get a better view, my beautiful necklace hit the stone railing and shattered into a million* pieces!  It was beyond tragic and I maybe sniffled a little bit as I knelt down and picked up the pieces.  Despite my sadness, I'm sure I'll find another use for my silver agate and quartz beads again.

*Okay, more like five pieces.

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