Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tuesday With Moi

Tuesday, September 4

The most important meal of the day, can I get an amen?

We live in the 1800s and only have a washing machine.  No dryer.  All our clothes have to air dry.
We love the environment and the environment loves us.

 Bernadette is thriving.  I don't know what I'm going to do if she continues to grow at this rate.  If you have any awesome mint recipes, send them my way before my house turns into a jungle!

 Leftover pizza.
I'm not even joking, if someone opened a food truck that served cold, day-old pizza and parked it in my neighborhood, I would eat there every day.  I love leftover, cold pizza.

The glamorous life of Kate Sims...

I looked in the mirror and realized I hadn't put on my eyebrows yet, so I quickly ran to my makeup bag and penciled them in.  I know, IknowIknowIknow- nobody else can tell if I have penciled in my brows or not, but I can tell, and I think I look terribly boring without them filled in. 

Sometimes, when working from home, it's really great to just throw on a some leggings and a pair of slipper socks and then curl up with my laptop on the couch, but more often than not, I like to actually get dressed.  A coordinating outfit, some killer shoes and my aforementioned eyebrow ritual all help to make  me feel put together and do better work.
These were my work shoes yesterday.  Bam.

I haven't named them yet, but let me introduce our new plants to you: Cilantro and Basil.
They've only been with us a few days but are already doing great things for our taste buds.
It's my new mission to turn our home into a greenhouse, or maybe even a working farm. I wonder if our condo association counts goats as pets...

David came home from work!  I pretended he was Don Draper and fixed him a tumbler of whiskey which he drank while I asked him questions about his day without really listening to the answers.
Then he took a nap on the couch, just like Don Draper.  And just like Betty, I sat on the other couch looking perfect and chain smoking cigarettes whilst contemplating the state of my cuticles.

Okay, so maybe I was lying about some of that... but David really did drink a little whiskey and then took a nap.  And I did paint my nails.  Sooo... it was basically the truth.

I changed shoes to go to the grocery store.  These little flats have been good friends to me, but they're starting to show their age.  I think I'm going to replace them with these beauties: the Jenni Kayne D'Orsay Flat.  Now, I just need to decide on the color... 

Made a simple dinner and then put on our pajamas and settled into a night of Paralympic sport.
The blind football was especially fascinating.  Their coordination was incredible and their dribbling (is that what it's called?) skills were phenomenal!  In my personal opinion, blind football is a lot more interesting than sighted/normal football.  I wish they showed it more often.

 If you like to feel like an underachieving, whiny piece of crap, than you should definitely check out the Paralympics!  These athletes are amazing.  Remember how I said I was constantly crying during the normal Olympics?  Well, I am beating my chest, ripping my hair out and balling watching the Paralympics!  Even though I'm deathly afraid of amputees (I had a traumatic experience with a grimy amputee back when I was home schooled), my heart is filled with love for all these athletes- even the ones missing all their appendages.  It's really moving and really really inspiring to watch them compete in these games.

 Then the broadcast ended and the Redcoat and I started talking.  He was wearing this shirt from his stag night that our friend Pete designed (hi, Pete!).  And since we were talking about our dear friend Pete, we decided it would be fun to call him and talk to him.  So we did.  

And then we called a few more people who we hadn't heard from in ages.
Skype is a wonderful wonderful thing, don't you think?

Finally, it was bed time.  I'd washed the duvet cover earlier which meant we had to semi-drunkenly attempt one of my least favorite chores ever, putting the duvet cover on the duvet.  In the end we got the job done, collapsed into bed, and slept happily ever after. 

Until this morning, when we both woke up with little headaches.

As always, thanks for reading and sorry I'm not more interesting. 

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