Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Coco @ The Clarke Cooke House

Sunday was an arrestingly gorgeous day.  The sun was out, the air was crisp and we thought it a perfect day to drive to Newport to visit our favorite seaside restaurant, The Clarke Cooke House. Our dear friends Coco & Tobi piled in the car with us, and together we enjoyed a long afternoon sipping cocktails in the sun.

The Clarke Cooke House has a number of different spots to settle in for a nibble and a drink, but David and I always choose to sit in their wharf-level bar and bistro, the Candy Store.  In the summer, they open the windows to Bannister's Wharf and it's the next best thing to dining on an actual boat.  The food is delicious, the ambiance is positively delightful and the drinks are made well.  If you've never been, I highly recommend it.  A detail about the Candy Store that I particularly love is that it's  only open until sundown.  After they close the downstairs bar, guests are welcome to move upstairs to the Bistro.  How sweet and old-timey is that?

I wanted to share some pictures I took of Coco in the Candy Store.  She was wearing a lovely silk cardigan by Barneys buyer turned fashion designer, Wayne, and a pair of Rag & Bone jodhpurs that I've been eying for myself for weeks (they go with everything).  Coco is an amazing friend and I'm so pleased to have her (and Tobi) in my life.  I will miss them enormously upon our departure and will remember afternoons like this with them forever.

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